Last chance to get direct access to both Vin and Charlie + mentorship and multiple training courses worth over $4,000
We’re re-opening our mentorship programme for 50 new people only…
Get Mentorship From Charlie And Vin Worth $4997, But Pay 91.7% Less Today
Answer: Gold Club - The “Unlimited leads” Private Members’ Club
Do you think it’s possible to achieve success with mentorship costing less than $4k? Less than $10k? We wanted to create an offer so irresistible EVERY entrepreneur could take us up on it, regardless of where they are in their journey.

-We are opening the doors for just 50 new members, and for the last time in it’s current format... Here’s what some of the members who made it into the first batch are getting out of Gold Club right now:
Entrepreneurship can feel like a hard and lonely path.

Imagine if it didn’t have to be this way...

Everyone else has the same 24 hours in a day that you do.

The majority of both millionaires and billionaires are self-made (and not “A small loan of one million dollars” self-made either, they legitimately started businesses from nothing and scaled them)

So what’s the difference between them and you?

Well, success leaves clues.

Read any successful Business CEO’s autobiography and you’ll notice a pattern emerge:

They all had mentors.

They had people who guided them, normally from the very start of their journeys.

They had them, we’ve had them, now it’s your turn.

“But, Vin can’t I do it without coaching/mentoring”

I hear this from time to time.

I speak around the world and I see these same people every 6 months when I speak in places like London, Los Angeles, or New York.

Wherever I am?

People have the same issues with their business.

People have a great idea or service...
it *should* help a lot of people...
it *should* be a wildly profitable business...

But often, people’s ideas simply don’t get sales and don’t make money.

They could change many lives and reach a LOT of people, but the leads just aren’t coming in.

People fail by not having access to mentors who know what the hell they’re doing and how to teach it so the student can take action.

Gold Club Member Spotlight:

Vivien Conway and Tasha Meys joined Gold Club because they wanted closer access to Vin and Charlie. 

They had been keen scholars of both Vin and Charlie’s free content, but wanted access to the next level. 

When they heard about Gold Club they knew that it was perfect for where they wanted to take their instagram consulting business.

After 12 months of religiously watching the weekly webinars and utilising the ask me anything sessions, they have now grown massively using our tactics to: cold-email their way onto leading podcasts, grew their Facebook Group to 20K members, win multiple consulting clients ($1500 p/m retainers), and generate over $10k from selling online courses.
Our program is the solution to every one of these reasons that people stay either mediocre or stuck working too much - for too few results their entire life 

If you:

> Can’t get leads
> Can’t get traffic
> Don’t know how to create great copy and convert leads

If you don’t have all three, you are in BIG trouble.

If you’ve been online you’ll have seen, people with amazing products/programs, when they do a post… crickets

Or they’re able to drive traffic using social media but they don’t know how to show what the product does and get sales

OR you know how to write, you know your audience, but you don’t get eyeballs.

We had this dilemma when we first started.

We didn’t have the money…

We’re able to address every one of these scenarios...

-Lack of traffic
-Lack of copy
-No personal brand and no sales

Our content and guidance on the above is worth your entire investment in Gold Club

Why should you believe us? Why should you care?

Charlie here,

I’m one of the hosts of Gold Club.

About 4 years ago, I was Copywriting for $5 an hour.

Then I dislocated my knee kitesurfing in Brazil, I had to empty my bank account to get home and start a new business from my Mum’s living room.

It was my lowest point.

Me and Vin both found entrepreneurship very tough in the early days.

The early mornings, late nights and stressful days get to all of us.

Getting stuck.

Daily Overwhelm.

Times where you make zero progress.

Those are all part of the process…

We had one trick that meant no matter how overwhelming business got,

we’d always find a way through.

This was all thanks to mentors

One of my first mentors included Jon Buchan, who taught me how to generate leads on tap using cold email.

Then Karen King, one of the world’s top copywriters, refined my copy skills and taught me how to command higher prices, I got my first $250 an hour copywriting gig soon after and scaled my business from there.

Lastly Dan Meredith and Gallant Dill, who combined helped us Grow a Fb group to 20k members in 6 months, and I grew a six-figure consulting business based on their exact advice

In fact, every time I’ve been completely overwhelmed in business I’ve had a major breakthrough in my performance, team or profits, thanks to mentors.

That’s why me and Vin created Gold Club, so we can help the next generation of entrepreneurs just as these mentors helped us transform our lives.

Gold Club is our private subscription group for those who don’t want to wait.

No matter what part of your business is stuck,

the one thing that always got us through those daily battles was close access to mentors.

By having the right mentors in our businesses,

The right marketing systems,

The right processes,

Our worst days become our most impactful long term.

But only because we’ve worked with the best mentors who were 10x ahead of where we want to be in business.

It’s allowed me to live the life I want, travelling, starting new companies...

And the same goes for Vin too...
Hey! Vin here,

I’m the other host of Gold Club.

I got my start by creating a website that ended up getting 
million visitors a month.

I raised a quarter of a million dollars in a seed round.

I got into the TechStars accelerator.

I started speaking around the world and I ending up winning
“Best speaker” at South By Southwest V2V.

I launched a second site that got to a million visitors per month in a hundred days and from there I went on to start a marketing consultancy.

This led to me working with the Royal family back in the U.K.
and releasing my first marketing book which did a little under
$200,000 dollars in sales.

All of the above has made it possible for my
speaking fee to be 5-figures for a 60-minute keynote
presentation and to have clients joyfully paying
huge rates for a day of my consulting.

Now... even though I’ve reached a position in my life where people happily pay these fees, I’ll never forget where I came from.

I can still vividly remember what it felt like, smelled like,
and sounded like when I was on social welfare, living on less
than a $100 dollars-a-week back in the U.K.

It wasn’t pretty to say the least.

At that time, there was no way in hell that I could afford to
travel to the States to attend some $5,000 internet marketing
event or pay extravagant consulting fees.

I was in a hard place where I was trying to make something
out of nothing on social media.

I was trying to work it all out on my own... all while being
completely dependent on the free advice I could scrounge up on the internet.

Now, if you’ve been around the internet marketing world for any
amount of time, you know that 99.9% of free advice is USEFUL but
INCOMPLETE information.

It’s like having half of a recipe – sitting there with the list of ingredients for what you need to make a chocolate cake... without the part that tells you how to put all the ingredients together in the correct order so that you end up with your desired result.

So, in all these free articles I was being told what to do... but not HOW to do it.

Through hustle, grind, and some dumb luck, I figured out how to build internet businesses that made me six-figures.

But this took me YEARS of completely embarrassing myself and wasting an insane amount of time.

Now I had the luxury of being able to afford some shame and time wasting. I was a kid with no dependents and loads of spare time on my hands.

But if you have a family that depends on you and you have
limited time and resources to make it happen, you cannot afford
to cross your fingers and just hope you can figure this out by
yourself or with a patchwork quilt of free, cheap, and
incomplete information.

I don’t want you to have to risk your time, your money, or
reputation trying to figure all of this out on your own.

I don’t want you to have to feel what it is like to have the
world sitting on top of your chest like I did.

And I sure as hell don’t want you to feel like the only way
you’ll ever make meaningful progress in a reasonable time is if
you attend the expensive seminars or pay crazy high consultant
fees to me or anyone else.

So, what me and Charlie have done is create a world class “mentorship package” called Gold Club...

What is Gold Club?

Vin used what you’re getting in this package to go from sleeping
In a building so old and ruined it literally got demolished... to sleeping on a luxurious mattress in a posh apartment in an expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles.

But here’s the part you should really be excited about...

We’ve since gone on to hand these same accelerant strategies to people just like you and they’ve gone on to produce results like this...

All of the people We mentioned above were skeptical that they would make this work for their situation.

None of them just automatically felt 100% confident in their ability to implement. But when they joined Gold Club, they were surprised with how often they got to ask me and Charlie questions, they were surprised at how easy it was to follow the instructions that got the ball rolling.

And you’ve seen how people in wildly varying business have snowballed these strategies into highly impressive results.

We're looking forward to you telling your own story of how this same little scenario played out for you as well.

The reason why we can be perfectly content with just handing you
$5,000 dollars’ worth of my material for less than the cost of a one hour consultation with me, is because I know an invaluable secret that most business owners don’t...

More often than not, it is LESS expensive to deliver the result
than it is to convince people to give you money to deliver the

Here’s what this means...

We love working with private clients. It is our favorite part of
my business.

But if you’ve never worked with me before, never experienced
kind of success that comes from using my methods... 
even a sales letter that we paid the greatest copywriter on the planet $100,000 to write for me would fall flat on its face.


Because you want to know, like, and trust me before you’d be
willing to invest thousands in a relationship with me.

And more importantly than this...

Even when you know, like, and trust me, it would be impossible for you to become one of my private clients who can afford to pay my consultant fees if you never got to the point of having a profitable business.

Common sense, right?

Our experience in this business has shown us that out of the thousands of people who are availing themselves of this package, maybe one or two of you will ever become private clients of ours.

This is awesome news for both of us because 1-2 new consulting clients is all that we want. That’s all we can handle with the client load we already have.

So, with this being the case, we don’t have to hoard our resources
and nickel and dime you to death.

This means that out of the 50 new people who invest in joining Gold Club, 48 of these people can take it... go on and wildly
succeed with it... and never give us another cent... and we’d be
perfectly fine with that.

In fact, We're tickled pink at the thought of having this private mentorship club be the kindling that lights a fire under the a** of this many entrepreneurs and having them become so successful that they never even need to invest in a private members’ club like this ever again.

The only reason we can afford to be this generous is because my
little handful of private clients and my other businesses
provide me with more than enough income to live comfortably off of.

This is a win-win situation, and we wouldn’t have it any other

This accelerant is the key to it all. Without it, we wouldn’t
have any private clients.

Being that we know where my bread is buttered, it just plain
makes common sense for us to give away the store to early-stage entrepreneurs because we know that by doing so, by starting their entrepreneurial fire... someday down the road, we'll reap the benefits of doing so from one or two people who end up qualifying to be private clients of ours.

But Gold Club isn’t about some “Me and Charlie are doing real well, maybe you can be one of the lucky few who makes it and pays me more”

Gold Club isn’t about me and Charlie.

It’s about each and every person who takes what we teach, and improves their businesses and lives with it.

People like Abi Lemon...

Gold Club Member Spotlight 2:

Abi Lemon runs a branding and graphic design agency called the ‘Brand Pharmacy’

The doors to Gold Club re-opened in January this year, Abi was one of the first to sign up.

Since then, she’s achieved some awesome results.

In May 2018 she had her best month ever in business, doubling her earnings from the previous month. 

Even with some personal setbacks she’s maintained this momentum and pushes her personal records every week!
By Joining Gold Club, You Get The Following:
1. A curriculum of training happening LIVE where Vin and Charlie will both teach and take any questions you have on setting these killer methods up and for you to begin making money from.

2. Regular Group training & mentoring sessions with Charlie and Vin Vin and Charlie have spent over six figures on coaches and have turned over 7 figures in sales - You get access to them for one low price today - This is the direct mentorship part of the package: IF you have 50 questions per month, we will answer all of them! If you just want to learn our secret strategies and from the others in the group that’s fine too!

3. Access to private members’ community

Access to us, our teams, and a network of high-flying entrepreneurs in the private Facebook group that is ONLY for Gold Club members 

4. Access to “Gold Club University”

Gold Club university is thousands of dollars worth of trainings that we have recorded over the past year, and is included when you sign up to Gold Club.
What You'll Get Inside Of...
Part 1 of 4: A curriculum of training happening LIVE where Vin and Charlie will both teach and take any questions you have on setting these killer methods up and for you to begin making money from.
Here’s what you’re going to receive in the next six months.

Lead generation masterclass:

Month 1: How to get UNLIMITED clients that will be begging to give you money -without cold calling or feeling “sleazy”.

What you’ll learn: How to generate top quality leads from Linkedin, the newest way to get leads whether you have a list of 100 or 10,000 customers What this means for you: Double your revenue so you can take time off without worrying sick where the next client is going to come from.

What this means for you: Double your revenue so you can take time off without worrying sick where the next client is going to come from .

Month 2: How to set an ethical “trap” that will give you immediate access to your dream client, and monetize them effortlessly

What you’ll learn: Building a lead magnet & funnel

What this means for you: We’ll help you create a lead magnet and Clickfunnels page that will have your clients excited to enter your world & work with you

Month 3: Sales masterclass

What you’ll learn: Positioning your offering / product / Mastering The Sales Consultation

What this means for you: My team will help you write a sales letter or short video pitch using our proven formula

Month 4: Building your personal brand and become “internet famous”

What you’ll learn: My team will help you write you one killer “announcement/core story” post OR a company statement, 30 second and 2 minute pitch

What this means for you: This will mean you’ll understand: How to get paid at least a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month by packing together what you already know

Month 5: Killer Copywriting - sales letters, emails and more

What you’ll learn: How to write copy that converts your customers

What this means for you: Increased sales every time you touch the keyboard ;)

Bonus: Already inside Gold Club U - you’ll get access to our exact 7 day launch formula + 2 webinars on how to build and convert your email list

Month 6: Scaling To 6 Figures & Beyond

What you’ll learn: The strategies used by the fastest-growing companies in the world, which you can clone to scale your company fast.

What this means for you: How to hire others so that you begin to scale the company in record time, without going crazy from the stress of trying to do it all yourself! (literally)


3) Regular Ask Us Anythings with Charlie and Vin to get you unstuck as you crush the rest of 2018 - Vin and Charlie have spent over six figures on coaches and have turned over 7 figures in sales - You get access to them for one low price today!

4) Access to us, our teams, and a network of high-flying entrepreneurs in the private Facebook group that is ONLY for Gold Club members

Are you excited yet?

Here’s how Gold Club will help you where you’re at right now:

Let’s say you have a 9-5 job, kids and a business to run - we have a non-time consuming content and strategies to grow your business

If you’re just getting started, maybe you’re paralysed by procrastination, we will give you plug & play tutorials to get revenue through the door, without having to hesitate

If you’re running a company with multiple employees and need more revenue and more customers, without spending too much time or money on marketing - we’ll make sure you or your employees are doing the most up to date growth hacks - it won’t take up all you or your employees’ time either

So how does Gold Club work?

Here’s how you’re going to receive the content:

1) The Membership site that contains “Gold Club University”

2) Regular Accountability/mastermind group coaching calls with Vin & Charlie
Part 2 of 4: Regular training & mentoring sessions with Charlie and Vin. We ain’t even gonna write some long ass copy on how good these are. See the below from actual Gold Club members, who posted after we finished our webinars:
Part 3 of 4: The Best Private Community On The Internet
We’ve launched Gold Club believing it’s the highest value course for it’s price on the internet - it’s a standard we hold for our products.

Here’s why:

On top of mentorship from Charlie and Vin,

On top of the thousands of dollars of training products,

We have an entire community ready to answer your questions as you put what’s in Gold Club into practice.

We won’t leave you confused.

And Remember!

If you don’t feel this is massive value you can cancel within the first 30 days, we insist that you cancel and we’ll pay you $100 for your trouble.

That’s how confident we are in what we have here. ;)

(and honestly, we’ve released this before so we know that you or other entrepreneurs won’t. This isn’t our first rodeo!)


Me and Charlie normally charge very high dollar four, sometimes five, figure amounts for a day’s consulting.

The value you’re getting is enormous compared to what you’d be paying individually for all these courses/access to me and Charlie, etc.

And how do we know you’re gonna love being part of Gold Club?


The added value we bring ON TOP of everything we’ve mentioned here is the below:

> Bonus copy, website, and landing page critiques

> Passing you guys leads we can’t service

> Getting you “unstuck”

> Working with others in the group (hiring all stars, or getting hired by other all stars)

> You hiring other stars from within Gold Club, or getting hired yourself (growth hackers trust other growth hackers within Gold Club)

Here’s what you’re going to get received:

Part 4 of 4: Gold Club University Gold Club university is thousands of dollars worth of trainings that we have recorded over the past year, and is included ABSOLUTELY FREE when you sign up to Gold Club.
Gold Club University contains the following:

*Webinar on "Growing Your Facebook Group to 25k" with Charlie Price

*"How To Make 10,000 In an Hour" with Vin Clancy

*"The 7 day Email and Facebook Launch Method" with Charlie Price

*"Facebook Ads - From zero to making $ in days" with Tom James

*"10 Ways To Build Your Email List" with Charlie Price

*"Traffic Sourcing: The Ultimate Guide" with Vin Clancy

*"How To Write Copy and Monetize Your Email List" with Charlie Price

*"How To Get A Mentor For Free" with Charlie Price

*"Copy Writing Review" with Vin Clancy

*"Branding, Personal Branding and setting your core story" with Vin Clancy

*"Social Media Automation - Follow Liker" with Vin Clancy

*"Sales, Pricing, and Getting Clients: Your Ultimate Guide" with Vin Clancy

*"GDPR - Biggest Marketing Opportunity in 2018" with Vin Clancy

*"LinkedIn Marketing 2018" with Charlie Price

*"How to Build, Hire, and Manage a Team with No Experience" with Vin Clancy

*"How to Build a Facebook Group part 1" with Vin Clancy

*"How to raise investment money build a company you can sell in 2018" with Vin Clancy

*"How to Growth Hack Getting Clients" with Vin Clancy & Charlie Price

*"The Instagram Round Table" with Charlie Price & Guests

*Using LinkedHelper to Generate Leads and Automate your outreach

*Growth Hacking: Everything that is Working Right Now

... And Lots More!
+ You’ll get the following $999 + in bonuses:
 FREE Bonus #1
“How to make six figures from a Facebook Group - Vin’s official guide”
My first Facebook group reached 20,000 members within 7 months.

It was not easy. It took strategic, scalable work. 
Hard work. Building relationships, and making deals. 
But we documented the whole process. And did it without spending one dollar.
Whether you're:
- A coach/consultant looking to get your first clients/eBook sales and you have no budget
- A startup looking to build your community
- Someone who runs an agency and is looking to grow
- Or basically anyone who wants to grow their brand
Then this is for you!
You will love having your own Facebook group. 
I’ve been blown away with the number of opportunities I've had that I never would have expected as part of this group. 

All over the world when I'm speaking I've been meeting fans of the group, and there are some serious industry heavyweights in my group too.
As far as I'm concerned, a group is THE essential way to grow a brand in the "business" space (take that any which way you want!)
You will learn: 
- Community Management
- Tribe Building Strategy
- Inbox Management
- Monetization without Sleazy Selling
- Scaling Content and Growth
- And much more.
You will walk away with the secrets from our playbook on how to grow and monetize a Facebook group.

 FREE Bonus #2
The Original “Growth Hacking 101” Course Value: $641
THE original growth hacking course walks you through the five areas EVERY business needs to be successful.

No filler, just pure actionable tactics you can use to get started quickly, full of ideas that will give you a distinct competitive advantage. Includes: 

Growth hacking (One hour): A walkthrough of the exact systems used by the fastest-growing startups in the world, that you can clone and use for your companies!

Content Marketing (One hour): Previously a paid course sold through General Assembly, this legendary course will teach you how to create content and how to get it seen so you attract your target audience like a magnet.

Personal Branding (One hour): If I don’t buy from you, there are ten other people selling exactly the same thing. A personal brand helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace, and attracts people who want to become your clients.

How to launch a product/Kickstarter: I raised over $175,000 for my debut book on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Amazon with zero paid adspend, influencers, or PR. Here, for the first time, I reveal how I did it.

The above covers only a fraction of what’s going to be available in growth club.

 FREE Bonus #3
The legendary “Growth Hacking Bundle” & bonus eBooks $59 VALUE
*The ONE Secret to Getting Massive Engagement on Facebook

*10 Growth Hacking Articles That Broke The Internet

*The "How To" Special
Yacht Mastermind Notes

*Growth Marketing Conference Notes
*Everything I Learned About Business in 2016 eBook
*The Ultimate Growth Hackers Reading List PART 1
Here's What To Do Next:
On the next page you can complete your purchase of Gold Club’s private members’ community.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

> Gold Club University (Would be worth over $4,000 if each webinar was sold separately)

> Six months’ mentorship from Vin and Charlie

> Entrance to the private Facebook group

> All for just $397 as the introductory price (I know y’all are gonna talk about this on social media and share this with your friends, at which point I'll increase the price, because, #marketing lol)

> REMEMBER: Once we have sold 50 slots, we close our doors and no-one else can join. (This happened in January pretty quickly so don’t delay)

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!

So if you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. Gold Club is the “natural conclusion” of our free Facebook group, Traffic and Copy. It’s where those who really want success go to get closer access to us so that we can mentor them to get to where they want to go to.

2. Because (unlike other "guru's") we don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (we both run real agencies doing six figures+ every year)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt us to share with you my best stuff.

3. I get one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it may get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

4. I'm kinda a show off (look at my damn outfits like the picture above at a conference I was speaking at, for instance, ha)... I'm not going to lie. 

I'm sick of people creating membership sites for the sake of it, and not focusing on the things that ACTUALLY MATTER:

Getting leads...

Acquiring traffic...

Social media growth (and turning that into customers)...


Conversion Rate optimisation...

So we focused on these things, and these things only in Gold Club.

50% of internet marketers and “guru’s” have no idea what they’re talking about.

The other 50% have some idea but won’t give you the good stuff in their lower-priced packages as they want you to hire them to work for them.

I'm full for clients right now so have no need for more. :)

So I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to create a membership community focusing on the TRUE techniques that are working right now (and the ones I’m confident 99% of people don’t know about, as they don’t spend nearly as much time inside on their damn laptop as me finding this stuff! #foreveralone) 

And... I know you’ll love me and want to see me when I do another speaking tour after you read this.

Time Is Of The Essence if you want to get ahead today
Here's why...

1) Like our last Gold Club launch, there are only 50 places available. Once they’re gone, the launch is over and no-one else can join. Sorry!

2) This is the last six months I’ll be able to fully focus on Gold Club, so if you want me to mentor you, this really is your last chance

3) We’ll be bundling up and selling everything to Gold Club University for $997 soon- this is your chance to own it for a lot less

Chances are, you've been waiting for something to make a big difference in your business.

Let this be the day you make that decision to make it happen.

It has to happen sometime.

If you don't grab this today, where will your saviour come from?

I have no doubt this will be the most useful marketing book released in the past 12 months (and likely the next 12 months too).

In a years' time will you still be searching for the methods that will grow your business?

The search is over. Gold Club is the help you’ve been looking for.

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee!
Our promise to you: If you don’t feel this is MASSIVE VALUE you can cancel within the first 30 days, we insist that you cancel and we’ll pay you $100 for your trouble.

That’s how confident we are in what we have here ;)
If you don't love Gold Club, we won’t keep your money. You just let me know, and I’ll rush you a full refund of every penny you paid.

This isn't an offer. This is an intelligence test (LOL)

...and even in the unlikely event that you're not happy, we will absolutely insist that you keep everything we’ve sent you. 

Every eBook, video course, resource, webinar, and any bonuses...and everything else I’ve sent you without any further obligation or cost, including any updates.

They’re totally no cost to you.

So, what does that mean?
It means you have a years' worth of my trainings sitting in your hands, and if we don’t do what we promised to do, that years’ worth of lessons are yours free.

That's right. By entering today you are in the club.
Claim your place in Gold Club Now!
Gold Club members have seen amazing results from working with us. 
Now it's your turn.

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

You’re about to receive membership to Gold Club, which includes:
> Six months’ mentorship from Vin and Charlie, including live teaching sessions and ask us anything’s
> Entrance to the private Facebook group, with access to Vin, Charlie, their teams, and other high-flying entrepreneurs

> Full and permanent access to “Gold Club University”
- Over 20 hours of courses covering EVERY strategy you'll need to :
- Get a massive competitive advantage in getting leads
- Generate traffic
- Turn social media into customers
- Become a kickass copywriter, and 
- Increase your conversion rate.
All of the above will give you brand new tools to put money in your bank account.

AND you'll also get:

Bonuses including:
> The Original “Growth Hacking 101” Course Value: $641
THE original growth hacking course walks you through the five areas EVERY business needs to be successful.

> The 50 most engaged posts in the history of Traffic And Copy, my Facebook Group (Value: $97)
BEST PART: You can copy the ideas behind these posts for your Facebook group, email list, or blog posts, and get super-high engagement and clicks as a result.

> All for just $397 as the introductory price (I know y’all are gonna talk about this on social media and share this with your friends, at which point we'll increase the price, because, #marketing lol)

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There's no catch... no gimmicks...

If fact, if you don't love Gold Club - We'll even refund the full amount you pay today, and an extra $100 for your trouble (our best guarantee ever)

So, Hit the button below to join the Gold Club community. You won't regret it.

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